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PG Songbook is the chordpro-file viewer on Android. It support range of devices from Eclair to Icecream Sandwich, from mobile phones to tablets. With PG Songbook, you can left your thick chordsheet folder at home and take your sheet everywhere on your Android tablets and phones.



  • Supports a subset of chordpro standard.
  • Basic transpose functionalities, so you can transpose your song on the fly.
  • Color theme for better visiblity.
  • Uni-directional scroll, songsheet displays in multi-column manner so you only swipe it from left to right, no more up-and-down scroll.
  • Open file from other applications (eg. file browser).

A little bit of history

I started the project around November 2011.  I had been using chordpro file with an app called ‘Song Book‘ on iPad before. I’m just too lazy to carry my iPad all the time just of review the chord sheet so I tried to find the similar app on Android (since I’m using Android phone) and had yet to find one. Then I think why don’t I create one myself? The app is pretty simple and straight forward.

Well currently Song Book is also available on Android. Right now it’s my main competitor :D .


PG Songbook is created by myself alone. But without helps from others, I could not finished my project. I’d like to thank them for their kind supports.

  • Jake Wharton, for his excellent ActionBarSherlock library. Without his library I’d have to deal with a lot of fragmentation between Android versions.
  • Niwat Armsang, Putthabut Nuyung, and Vichean Nateethanasarn for beta testing.
  • Stefano d’Andrea, for being my first customer.  He has shared his idea on how would I improved the PG Songbook.
  • Ta, for her kindly support. Without her, I would not publish the app into Market and keep using it alone.

PG Songbook is developed and tested using these devices along with AVD emulators :-

  • HTC Legend
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (the original one – 7")
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus

And tested with

  • Samsung Galaxy Notes
  • Acer Iconia A500
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10"

And lastly, I’d like to thanks everyone who has downloaded and tried using PG Songbook.


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