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Chordpro file format

Chorpro file format is essentially a text file containing special tags and directives for music notation specific uses. This format is invented by Mario Dorion and Martin Leclerc, which also  are the original authors of software called ‘Chord’ that was the first software utilizing this file format.

In chordpro file format, there are 3 types of element, lyric (or text), chord, and directives.

  • Lyric is just a text or a string of character which represents lyric of the song, obviously.
  • Chord is, obviously, representing chord at at time the song reach the part of song it is. Chord can be notated by surrounding the chord text with square brackets (‘[' and ']‘)
  • Directives are text that is not really part of the song. However It ‘suggest’s the reader about the information that’s embeded in the sheet. There are many type of directives, for example, title, subtitle, and chorus.

Currently PG Songbook support lyric, chord, and subset of directives. The supported directives are {t}, {st}, {c}, {soc}-{eoc}, and {sot}-{eot}.

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