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Importing file

Importing file to PG Songbook can be a bit tricky at first. But once you know it’s quite simply and straightforward.

1. Create a new folder call ‘chordpro’ in the storage of your phone. To do this there are several way, but the easiest way is to connect your device to your PC and create it with file manager on your PC (eg. Explorer on Windows).

For devices that support USB storage, turn on the USB storage and create the directory using file manager like Explorer on Windows.

In some devices, like Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the device is connected with PTP instead of a drive on PC. Please search for how to create a directory on PTP. On Windows, the directory can be created directly using Explorer

And, also in some device, there are 2 or more storages (for example, Samsung Galaxy Tab). I’d suggest to try which storage is used. Or if you are quite familiar with the file system on Android, you can check which one is mounted as /mnt/sdcard by the device, and use that storage.

2. Copy your chordpro files into the chordpro directory created in step 1.

There are quite a few extension for chordpro files. PG Songbook currently accept only .chordpro, .crd, and .pro file.

After the files are copied over, turn off the USB Storage (if the device is using USB storage).

3. Open PG Songbook. Choose ‘Reload Library’ option from the menu.

For ICS devices with hardware menu button, press menu button then the menu options display. Choose the option from menu.


On other devices, press the action overflow button on the actionbar, then menu option display


Please wait until the refreshing process is finished. It may take some time, depends on how many file you have.


Once it’s finished, the list of artist will list on the screen.


And that’s it. Now you can open your file in PG Songbook.

Later you may wish to change the song on your library, you can add/modify/delete file from chordpro directory and press refresh button once.

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