PG Songbook

Support Page


Here’s page containing guide on how-to use PG Songbook. At first glance, PG Songbook does not appear to be friendly. But after some uses, you will notice how easy to use it.

Open a file from other application, and add that file into the library

PG Songbook can open a chordpro file from other application, for example, Dropbox. When opening a file, the dialog shows asking for what application should be used. Obviously we will choose PG Songbook. Then the song displays in PG Songbook. The different is, on the actionbar, there is an action shows as ‘+’ (plus sign) [...]

Importing file

Importing file to PG Songbook can be a bit tricky at first. But once you know it’s quite simply and straightforward. 1. Create a new folder call ‘chordpro’ in the storage of your phone. To do this there are several way, but the easiest way is to connect your device to your PC and create [...]


Transposing is one of the most useful function in PG Songbook. It can detect the chord symbol in the file and change the root of that chord to the new chord by add or subtract the root note. PG Songbook support basic transposing. It does not try to ‘guess’ the key of the song after [...]

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